14.17N 054.46W

Fri 17 Dec 2010 20:04
Friday 17th December
Rainbow still there only getting nearer!  Only visited by one gannet today.  Most of the ARC boats have finished just the elite few left at sea.
We still have light winds and were doing an average of 3kts yesterday however things picked up this morning, and we had the main and Genoa up, suffice too say it is sail, motor, sail motor and we have now been sailing for 8hours with 10 - 13kts of wind with main & Genoa, a nice long swell which has stopped the pitching and rolling so all in all it is a wonderful day!  Well apart from for Chris who had to change the fuel filter but that should be all fuel jobs done for the moment.
Poetic Sue came up trumps again, as a reward we let her sing during happy hour last night, not for very long as we need to keep her under control or we may have to tie her down and put her in the anchor locker, . 
I'll tell of a trip on the Ocean
That is happening as I write
We set sail from Gran Canaria
And the end is not yet in sight
The end of the trip is St Lucia
And slowly yacht are arriving there
235 left from Las Palmas
When the weather looked set to be fair
The rally is held each November
The first was 1986
Each year the boats set out for the trades
This year the wind played dirty tricks
Which is why onboard yacht Quicksilver
15th December, Day 25
We have 521 miles to travel
But we all have the will to survive
Sharon vi'talld the boat to perfection
In Hipper Dino and Cortes Ingles
Veg & Meat came from the market
Enough to last us for days
Bananas we had in abundance
We enjoyed eating them raw
But Sharon baked them in honey & rum
And with chocolate, we all wanted more
We even had Bananas a L'Ecosse
To celebrate making Uisge
Mashed on Walkers Shortbread
With whisky "Sliante"(slange va)
But alas, as Sharon was dreaming bananas
And on them we came to depend,
The delight of the banana puddings
On day twelve, they came to an end
The Mangoes were the next to run out
They went on the fourteenth day
Not as versatile as the bananas
But great in their own special way
The fruit of Gran Canaria is great
Big, Fresh and Sound
Oranges, Apples, Kiwi, Lemons
Pineapple and Tangerines, all abound
We still have plenty of Lemons
And Potatoes and Onions for taste
Our galley slave, our own Nigella
Makes sure that there will be no waste!
We thank Sharon for all her devotion
For making the menu's so good
All dinners are cooked to perfection
Especially the bananas for pud!

Sue Barrett Crew Quicksilver no 207 25th ARC