Oh to be in England...

Wed 30 May 2012 07:24
Or Scotland but away from Trinidad.
09.45 May 8th we left from Powerboats using the local buses and headed for Piarco International Airport where I took the BA 2158 flight to Gatwick and then the National Coach to Darlington arriving at 19.00 hrs. on the 9th May, 22 months after leaving Scotland.  It is so good to see everyone and so looking forward to the wedding.
A drive up to Scotland on the Sunday 13th to have a ‘look see’ spent most of the two weeks sorting things at Raineach and collecting things which are to be taken back to Trinidad and in no time we are back in Shildon and only five sleeps until the wedding......  I really did run out of time in Ardnamurchan but shall be going back after the wedding so hopeful to see everyone I missed the first time.
Chris is working hard at getting Quicksilver sorted, the hull is stripped below the waterline back down to the fiberglass and he is working on drying out the hull as well as all the other things that need doing after our nearly two, glorious, years on the water.  I know he will want to share the gell coating and polishing with me (ha), so I look forward to returning with tools for the job (deep joy!).