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Saturday 20th September we arrive at our destination, Paramaribo the capital of Surinam a UNESCO World Heritage site.  A very different place from Guyana, more industrial along the river banks and still recovering from the civil war which ended in the 80’s.  We enjoyed our time here, the people we met were very pleasant, the mix of cultures, Dutch, Chinese, Vietnamese, Amerindian, East Indian, the architecture reflecting these mixes.  I am glad we made the trip.
m_IMG_0339 m_IMG_0370 The beautiful wooden cathedral m_IMG_0354  m_IMG_0351 Serious Rum tasting with Claude & Fred, Magic Swan.
 m_IMG_0377 m_IMG_0380 Songbird competitions take place 7 am on Sundays on the main green. m_IMG_0383 m_IMG_0382 Vietnamese market, followed by the Chinese street markets m_IMG_0391  m_IMG_0389 m_IMG_0397 Chris’s new friend. Before we know it is Tuesday 30th September and time to take the tide down river and head for French Guyana and the end of the rally.
m_IMG_0314 m_IMG_0424 m_IMG_0324