Still in Trinidad 4

Fri 3 Jan 2014 23:44
We have also help celebrate Grahams Birthday with a BBQ at Coral Cove
, m_100_2487Cheryl and I helped Joanie celebrate her birthday at a great sushi bar,  More Vino, and then onto an all night bar with Ricky as our chaperone unfortunately/fortunately there are no pictures.  We have seen the Dragon Boat Racing, m_100_2675m_100_2670, A Pan parade in Port of Spainm_Misc 006  m_Misc 010m_Misc 011Every Saturday morning we leave Chaguaramus at 6 am to go to the fresh produce market in the Port of Spain, where we drink coconut water bought from Frankie, we also eat the jelly which is inside of the green coconuts and is supposed to be very good for you, then we visit Denise where we eat Bakes which are very bad for you.  m_100_2688  m_100_2692  m_100_2698  m_100_2703  m_100_2707  m_100_2704We buy fresh shrimp at £4.00 a pound for regular and £6.00 for Jumbo, Tuna at £1.60 - £2.50 a pound and Grouper for 6.00 a pound, there is of course the selection of reef fish which we find to be so full of bones we don’t bother with them.