14.23N 040.36W

Fri 10 Dec 2010 14:08
Friday 10th December
At 17.00hrs yesterday we have 1300 nm to go and by 19.30 we have travelled 2,000 nm.  Winds have eased slightly so average speed has dropped to 5kts, but still holding the swell, all managed to have showers, water maker is such a good idea! 
Another beautiful clear sky with warm winds, we changed shifts at midnight and there were one or two black clouds beginning to appear and then the big squall hit!  Early hours of the morning, there was a huge crash as Quicksilver took a wave over and washed out the cockpit and through hatches into cabins that was followed by a hard downpour of rain.  Short lived but totally soaking!  We all know not to go on deck during the night unless asked so it is quite difficult lying, (or trying to stay) in your bunk when you can hear the waves and wind howling around you!  Chris & Sue of course did an admirable job in helming and sail trimming to keep us moving through the night with wind speed in excess of 35kts, Sue admitted to being terrified and I think that was very understandable.
Morning appears dull and windy (sorry but still warm) and you will be pleased to know raining!  So we are in the trades with a vengeance, the long-term forecast is for the winds to settle to a steady force 4 from this afternoon, late and squalls to ease.  We all hope so!  At 09.27 we have 1200 nm to travel and I think everyone is counting.
I hope you will have all realised it was a typographical error (ARC speak for cockup on the keyboard front) but the early positions should have read:26.16W 27.25W & 29.28W, not nearly as interesting on Google-earth
147nm travelled