The journey home

Sun 30 Apr 2017 20:30
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Sunday 29th January and a very cold wet Miami welcomes us, I have a 13.30hrs flight booked with PAWA Airlines to St Maarten and was very surprised when I arrive at the airport to discover the flight will now be at 18.00hrs??? It took forever to discover this, no-one at the PAWA desk, information no one had no idea what was going on..... finally take off and land in Dominican Republic, where the airline has booked me a hotel and an onward flight to St Maarten on Monday at 18.00hrs. Nothing to do but enjoy the hotel, book accommodation in St Maarten for the Monday and get an onward flight to to Guadeloupe on Tuesday morning...
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None of these travel hiccups could detract from the trip to Cuba, It was a very interesting experience, a lovely people, friendly and welcoming, trying to encourage American tourism for their main source of income while exporting coffee, tobacco and copper. I find it difficult to put into words my feelings on the country on a whole, the guides were keen to point out the free education, free hospitals and the new hotels going up to cater for the influx of Americans expected. Talking to our car driver, who was not a government employee she pointed out that the school had no books, no computers and the hospitals had no medicines, and these luxury Hotels are being built while the accommodation the locals live have no electricity or running water.... Reminds me of the Caribbean Islands.

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