February more...

Wed 7 Mar 2012 17:04
So on the 20th February we did our move to Carriacou in company with, Just Imagine, Sitatunga and Roxie where we all anchored in Tyrall Bay and met up with Sunshine 2 and Moondance  who are being hauled for work to be done.  We all got together with Mary, Maradi and Dick from Lady Sybil and took an Island tour.
DSCF2569 DSCF2574
When Chris stuck his foot with a sharp stick he had the nurses of the group administer first aid
DSCF2542       DSCF2576
Chris is trying to teach the tortoise to play catch...           A possible fixer upper??
DSCF2534  DSCF2477
and as is usual on these trips we ended the tour sampling the local rum this time at “Scagg’s” beach bar...
We moved in company with Just Imagine around to Paradise beach for a couple of nights in quite a choppy sea, then onto Hillsborough where we checked out of Grenada.  We were looking to get a good sail up to Union Island, St Vincent however the wind is going to be on the nose the whole of the way.......