Rocket Launch

Thu 13 Nov 2014 15:22
On the 16th November the launch of an Ariane Rocket carrying a communication satellite  for Venezuelan TV took place in Kourou and we were there to see it, we had tickets reserved for us by Olivier, who we met at the welcome party on the 3rd November.  So in a hire car shared with Fred and Claude we set of for Kourou, we relied on their French to arrange accommodation for two nights, the night of the launch in Kourou
m_DSCN1097  m_DSCN1091  m_DSCN1093 m_DSCN1094 m_DSCN1135 m_DSCN1137and a night in Cayenne the capital of French Guyana. m_DSCN1117 m_DSCN1127 m_DSCN1134 m_DSCN1116  m_DSCN1121 a great job they did too.