Sun 10 Nov 2013 21:48
Time to catch up with what has been happening
I had a wonderful time with Claire in Burg Wartenstein, Glognitz, as always lots of laughs with new and old friends, the ten days flew by m_100_2278   m_100_2303  m_100_2312m_100_2343  m_100_2296m_100_2286
and so from Austria to Shildon where after a couple of days we moved up to Scotland where I began the process of clearing and disposing of 35 years of living and working in Glenborrodale.  After a lot of thought we have made the decision to sell Foresters Cottage, for a variety of reasons, not least we cannot see a return to Scotland in the near future, my task this visit is to clear the ‘sheds’ and make ready for a sale.  I have so many people to thank for their help that I hope I don’t forget anyone....
Maris for the use of your home, Elaine for the use of your transport, Mam & Dad, Robin & Marilyn, Ally & Anne Marie for clearing, cleaning, fetching, carrying and all that goes with getting a ‘Garage Sale’ organised, and Martin for information, advise and on the day being salesman extraordinaire! 
m_100_2354  m_100_2364 m_100_2365 m_100_2357m_100_2445 Sunday 26th August the ‘Grand Garage Sale’ day dawned bright, sunny and dry,  we moved a lot of ‘stuff’ that day and since the house was empty we managed to move a pile of household goods too.  Lots of hard work is beginning to pay off and although there is still a lot to move we have made a good inroad.  I am just sorry I don’t have pictures of ‘before and after’ of the skip.............................