St Martin

Sun 4 Jun 2017 22:10


First thing we did was source a replacement anchor windlass, and order a new circuit board for the faulty wind generator.  Lots of deliberating from Chris and the best option for the windlass was a complete replacement sent from the UK via Fedex (with the promise of a three-day delivery), the circuit board is ordered from the US and takes 5 days to get from Philadelphia to Miami and then another week to get here!   However finally on Friday evening 26th June both parcels are delivered to Shrimpy’s Yacht Services and we collect them.  Deliver the circuit breaker to Mason, while at the Saturday Boat Jumble,

and begin the preparations for the replacement of the windlass.  All very technical, but the locker must come out of the fore cabin, headliners are taken down, cables re run, new control panels mounted and the new motor mounted in the anchor locker, a tiny space which means Chris works there basically by feel alone.    There is not much I can do but wait until everything is back in place and I can start the tidy up……



Thursday 1st June, all finished and working, same day Mason gives us a call to say wind generator is ready for collection, everything is going according to some plan and we can begin to look out for decent weather and begin the sail South, North of East, 10 – 15 knots would be preferable but at this time of year we will take the best on offer.