Wed 22 Jun 2011 16:12
Within the first few days of being here on the Friday night we went to the North of the island where the leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs, we arrived at the beach around 8.00pm and our turtle arrived at 10.30pm.  You are walked to the site and kept back until she starts to dig her nest then you are asked to stay behind her watching.  There are volunteers there keeping a check on the nest sites and monitoring the eggs laid, our turtle after digging a hole around 3ft deep laid 84 fertile an 19 unfertilized eggs, while she is laying she goes into a kind of trance and you are allowed to get closer for photographs and even stroke her.  You are not allowed to use white light or flash on camera as this disorientates her and can cause her to have difficulty getting back to the sea, it was a fabulous night well worth the 90 minute journey there and back!
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