Thu 25 Aug 2011 18:12
August starts with a road trip, Terri & Gus, Nino, drive us up Island to find the Tufton Hall Waterfalls, a long drive and then a treck into the jungle until the trail needed a machette and guide to go any further and still no falls, lots of nutmeg trees though.  Back down to the Concorde Falls much more accessible excellent fresh water swims and rum punches served in the falls!  Back to coconut beach for Sunset a brilliant day.
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With a Mango Fest in the national stadium at Fort George, one thousand things to do with mangoes! We did not have a camera with us but we did make the centre pages of the local paper, along with Thomas & Regula, John and Donell (Celtic Dream) so along with this and the youtube video we feel like the Posh & Becks of Grenada! 
Following this we have carnival...