14.28N 045.23W

Mon 13 Dec 2010 16:36
Sunday 12th December
Winds blew themselves out over night and the day has dawned fairly bright and sunny with a fresh 10-18kts ENE wind averaging 6.5kts.  We are all soon recovered from the soaking and Quicksilver is very soon shipshape again. 
For those of you concerned that with the extra time taken to do the crossing we may run out of supplies and have to eat crew members, I thank you for this concern but trust me, we still have enough food on board for a small army.  This is just as well considering our lack of success on the fishing front, even the flying fish are avoiding our decks!  Having used every variation on banana recipes I am now working on apples, someone remarked (sarcastically?) how very clever I was at disguising cabbage, I have to admit it is a gift. 
Also yesterday I said we had steering issues these were non mechanical, thank you for your concern but Quicksilver is performing brilliantly.
141nm travelled
910 nm to go