14.32N 042.57W

Sat 11 Dec 2010 23:30
The rest of Friday was appalling, we had squall after squall, gusts of 35kts of wind, and it poured with rain, we were all soaked to the skin an feeling a little down, then the steering wasn't going so good and we were unable to put out the stay sail, Chris called a halt to watches and sent everyone down below and took over himself.  Chris went on deck but we unable to see what the problem with the stay sail is so continue under poled out Genoa, (I was none too happy as the wind was blowing 40kts at the time!)  
This morning has dawned bright and sunny, a good drying day which is needed, big swell with white horses on the top, looks beautiful hope this continues.  ARC estimation is we arrive St Lucia 18th December, we will predictions to the computers.
136 nm travelled.