Trinidad 2

Tue 27 Jan 2015 21:11
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And so while waiting for the new mainsail the work continues to prepare for the departure from Trinidad, barnacles removed from propeller, hull scrubbed, steering overhauled, automatic pilot repaired, another salt water ingress traced and repaired, and the best Christmas present I received was Chris emerging from the aft hatch at 6 pm Christmas Eve with all works finished!m_IMG_0096 m_IMG_0120 a cause for celebration!  We had a lovely quiet Christmas just the two of us, joined friends at Chez Martin, for dinner then dancing at TTSA until early morning.m_IMG_0101 m_IMG_0111 m_IMG_0114 The following morning the AGM of the Ocean Cruising Club/Seven Seas Sailing Association hosted by Jesse James begins 2015.                                                           m_IMG_0116 m_IMG_0118