14.35.7N 061.04.5W

Mon 20 May 2013 21:08
Arrived in St Pierre, Martinique on Thursday night after overnighting in Pigeon Island Guadeloupe, and then Portsmouth Dominica, good Easterly wind made for good sailing between the Islands but slow going while in their shadow.  As we sailed between Antigua and Guadeloupe we passed Mike on El Lobo, heading North for Puerto Rico and hurricane season.  A big swell made for interesting viewing of C Drifters as we sail along together....
100_1722El Lobo, with Mike onboard, Pat is in the UK, passing C Drifters as he heads North.
100_1745100_1752The two faces of Chris, happy as we have good wind and then we lose it!
100_1733100_1727100_1732100_1731And there she is back again .........