18.03.84N 063.06.09W

Sat 15 Mar 2014 22:02
5th March and another 06.00 start a great day for a sail, within the first hour Sharon has another fish on her line, A Ceros, or Spanish Mackerel as they are also called, that is the end of the days fishing as one fish is quite enough.  I did forget to say that Chris had a strike on his rod and a huge fish jumped  behind Quicksilver and then it was gone taking the lure, and the tackle with it, that kind of put a damper on the fishing, so one catch is enough for us.
m_100_3118  m_100_3119 Delicious eating, not at all like the Mackerel we are used to, this has a very firm white flesh.
So we arrive at St Martin, French West Indies, after a fabulous days sail and anchor in Marigot Bay, in time to catch up with Graham & Joanie who are on their way in the morning to the BVI’s, very convivial sun downers.  St Martin/Maarten, a lovely  Island which is half French and half Dutch, with a proper dividing line.  We are on the French side at the moment enjoying good cheeses, real butter, fruit and beautiful fresh veggies at very reasonable prices.  We may never leave!  One of the reasons we are here is to get some replacement parts for our water maker which developed a leak they should have been here last week so now we hope for this coming week....  In the meantime we have moved up to Grand Case where can sightsee, swim, kayak and enjoy the Island life, while servicing the heads, rope cutters and wiping down the hull, the copper coats means we no longer have to scrub as much but we still need to keep the light weed growth at bay.  x
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