September in Trinidad

Wed 4 Nov 2015 20:14

And so back to ‘visit’ with Chris and Quicksilver in time to celebrate my Birthday month, Sharon fest begins… with dinner on board Karma with Graham and Joanie, followed by Chinese takeaway at TTSA

    Market day in Port of Spain with C Drifters, Ray and Irene and Frankie    Then a very special evening as a group of locals who come to the bay nearly every weekend to fish asked us to join them on the beach for food and drinks.  Chris had rescued these guys when  their outboard had broken down, he towed them ashore and made repairs for them and to say thank you they invited ‘uncle’ to join them for Dal, Chicken and Rice which they had cooked.  A few rums followed and then they lifted their nets and invited ‘uncle Chris’ to cook the Carite they landed…..  so with a bit of help from his friends Chris produced fried Carite and it was so very good ….    

    We have front row seats for the sailing reggatta from TTSA, and when it looked like Ray may never finish Chris went to tow him back to QS for refreshments.     When the wind gets up and brings along the squalls it is always good to know your anchor is securely held in place, so when Chris went to check the anchor chain and saw how we were wrapped around these abandonned steps we were really pleased we had not had to move in a hurry, an old fashioned hacksaw to remove the offending article, we just could not work out how many wraps and knots there were    A fun cruisers evening down at the Wheelhouse pub, singing by ‘White Chocolate’, dancing by all     

And on the 28th September we had a clear uninterupted view of the Blood Moon rising over Port of Spain  This was the time we really needed a better camera! x

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