17.00N 061.46W

Tue 1 Mar 2011 21:46
Arrived in Providence Bay, English Harbour, Antigua on Saturday 26th Feb.  An 8hour sail, steady NNE winds, force 6, with 2 metre swell coming from N & E made it a wet one but very exhilarating, said Sharon who allowed Chris to steer the whole way! 
We are now tied to the Mangroves just about sitting on the mud bottom between White Whisper and Ammachure and having a great time.  Anna is here until tomorrow then flies back to Ireland, Sean and Jim are here for at least the rest of this week, this is Sean & Jim's second visit to Antigua this trip it, gives you an idea of how lovely it is.
Went to St John's yesterday and Chris has discovered a budget Marine in Jolly Harbour so that will warrant a trip one day soon, ay least we are English speaking so travel is not difficult!