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Wed 22 Jun 2011 20:51
Thomas & Regula moved around to St Georges where they are in the Port Louis Marina, preparing to take a three week trip to Switzerland, we move less than 1/2 a mile to the cove between Hogg Island and CCBay.  Good News is that he insurance has finally been settled and we no longer have to worry about getting Quicksilver out of the water for a survey, still hope that no hurricanes come our way although people are predicting that with El Nino effect this year could be a blowy one...... in the meantime we continue to enjoy Grenada.
Looking towards Whisper Cove from Hogg Island                            Looking into Hogg Island Anchorage from the Bridge
101_0209                   101_0213       
Beach BBQ on Hogg Island a regular Sunday spot for locals as well as cruisers.
101_0220                 101_0222
101_0229                  101_0233