Return to Trinidad

Sat 27 Dec 2014 14:06
Weather not as expected for this part of the coast, we have North Easterly winds, rain squalls, big choppy seas, and it is cold, cold enough for the hoodies and fleecy trousers with waterproofs!.  Two reefs in the main sail have to be reduced to three reefs as the wind catches and tears a hole in the sail, a problem with the winding of the genoa has Chris on the bow doing repairs, and we settle down to a cold wet and what will be described as a ‘technical sail’.   Remember we sailed South against the current with the winds coming from the South so were looking for current and some wind with us on the return North, no such luck...
We head towards Tobago hoping that when we turn for Trinidad we will get a good reach to the Boca, at 23.30 on 20th November we turn, by 04.00 21st we have no wind and for the first time on the journey start the engine and continue to motor through the choppy sea until we reach the Boca which is flat calm, no swell or current, finally at 12.30 we drop anchor in our favourite spot ‘wreck bay’ opposite the Coastguard Station, by TTSA.  After 1,722 miles round trip
we are back, and round to the Immigration to check in.
m_DSCF1211 m_DSCF1212 m_DSCF1216 We enjoyed the Mahi Mahi and Big Eyed Tuna, caught between Tobago and Trinidad, on board Quicksilver with Ray and Irene, C Drifters.  We also released the cicada which we had found on deck as we left Guyana, he had travelled the whole way in a box and seemed quite pleased to be out again, just hope he doesn’t have a language problem here.