17 54.3N 062 52.0W

Sun 1 Jun 2014 18:55
Finally shopped out!  new solar panels on board ready for installation once back in Trinidad, major works in the pipeline, but more of that later.  So after coming through the Causeway Bridge into Simpson Bay we exited the lagoon on the 10.30 bridge, Saturday 17th May, and motor sailed in company with Karma the 12 miles to the French Island of Saint Bartholomey (St Bart's) anchoring at Ilse Fourchu were we spent a couple of nights.  Next stop was around to Gustavia, the capital where we checked in and spent the night, unfortunately Joanie had to visit the hospital and as a result has to go back to St Martin for an MRI.    We sail around to Anse Colombier where we had the most amazing snorkel, turtle, rays and camouflaged Barracuda, and on the Wednesday 21st Say goodbye to Graham and Joanie as they head off. 
Thursday early am we head back to Gustavia to check out a final visit to the chandlers and we begin the sail South.