At last .....

Tue 27 Jan 2015 21:19
m_IMG_0159 m_IMG_0162 m_IMG_0152 Photographs from the top of the mast as we prepare for the arrival of the new sail, measure and bag the temporary sail, have been promised delivery for Tuesday.  A days shopping with Ray & Irene, fill gas bottles, buy petrol and prepare for departure and that evening off to help celebrate Martins birthday with the following people:                 Mike, El Lobo and May; Dan & Cindy, Sitatunga; John, Ventosa; Paul, Sea Wings; Ray & Irene, C Drifters.m_IMG_0137  m_IMG_0140 m_IMG_0148 and a few others who never made it into view of the camera.
Wednesday 21st January very exiting as the new sail arrives, is hoisted, tweaked, reefed and made ready for our departure planned for Thursday pm.   m_IMG_0153  m_IMG_0155  m_IMG_0154