Sun 22 Feb 2015 15:58
The planned ‘couple of days’ in Grenada of course extended, as the weather wasn’t brilliant for a sail we spent a lot of time eating and drinking at Taffy’s, as always the food and company was spot on and the time just flew by, we enjoyed fish and chips, steak sandwiches, burgers and live music nights, Chris even took time to enrol his new friend on Facebook!
m_IMG_0176 m_IMG_0209m_20150201_170822   m_20150204_194750_night  m_IMG_0177 m_20150204_195210_night m_20150207_170903 m_IMG_0224 m_IMG_0241 m_IMG_0239
We walked to Grande Anse beach where we saw the Local Race Boat meeting, with a leg of the the Grenada Sailing Week ‘big boats’ race
m_IMG_0185 m_IMG_0194 m_IMG_0203
Quicksilver anchored in Calivigny looks a little lost yes, that is QS in the front of the picture!                                                    m_IMG_0174 m_IMG_0235 m_IMG_0234 Also while here Chris wired in the inverter which came from Scotland, remember packing it Martin? and we now have hot water on tap from the immersion heater, no need to have to wait until we have used the engine, sheer luxury....... and so comes the end of the Grenada Visit after one last Sunday Lunch at Taffies and although there was talk of a snake and pygmy pie if we stayed until Wednesday, we snuck away on Monday whilst the bar was shut and so we begin to sail North for a few weeks.                                                                                                                                                                                           m_20150208_141946 m_20150208_141955 xx