St Martin, still

Wed 27 May 2015 18:25
Our three weeks are up and guess what?  Yes we are still here!, unfortunately, Chris pulled an intercostal muscle which has resulted in him being incapacitated for  most of this time.  I did think that once I had finished the hull scrub he might perk up a bit but no joy, it is ready for another scrub and he is just beginning to feel better, it does say it could take 6 weeks to heal so we are just going to take it easy, there is no way we will set of on a voyage until he is completely confident it has healed.  We could be stuck in worse places! Lots of French Cheeses, Wine and Baguettes the only down side is the Internet is really, really, bad.
One other reason for staying here is we are waiting for the renewal of our Small Ships Registration to arrive with Susan and then she will send us a copy which we will be able to print out and laminate and we will be all legal again!  So back to the Wine while we wait x
m_IMG_0629 Thanks to Susan Chris finally has the message! m_IMG_0632
m_IMG_0633 m_IMG_0634There is rain but sometimes it just doesn’t reach us!