Sat 3 Sep 2011 16:07
Mundane things like cleaning, shopping and laundry have been top of the agenda this last week, Chris is recovering slowly still tires easily but early days yet.  He has been in the water and we managed to do some hull scrubbing, his side is much cleaner than mine, if we set sail at the moment we would probably go around in circles with the weight of the weed on my side of the keel.....  I get distracted by the hundreds of young jack fish and a great treat a couple of days ago there was a shoal of immature trigger fish in the bay, we had a couple or dozen or more under our dinghy, apparently they are getting quite rare.  Obviously we cannot clean the bottom of the dinghy while they are still living there!
Thursday night and the next two Thursdays are booked for the Harry Potter extravaganza , each week they are showing two movies until we are up to date it was great fun, not many children but the ones who were there could recite the script almost word perfect.
Today, Saturday is the 700th Grenada Hash, ( ) described as drinkers with a running problem they are a popular meeting place all over the world and so we are going along for the party, Chris has been promised a chair if he doesn’t feel up to the walking and there will be plenty of people for him to chat to while I do one of the walking trails.  Watch for pictures.  x