14 33:674N 061 03:249W

Sun 22 Feb 2015 18:19
Monday 9th February, after leaving Clarkes Court Bay we have a sail steady around to Halifax Bay in the company of Ray & Irene, C Drifters, where we clean the hull and spend the night ready for Chris to adjust the rigging and then set the sails for Fort de France, Martinique.
m_IMG_0254  m_IMG_0258 m_IMG_0261 Even the boobies admire our new mainsail, there was a discussion in the cockpit about the name boobies, as it also is gannet, which is also Sula, it begged the question would ‘Booby Sailing School’ get more interest than ‘Sula Sailing School’ and had we been missing a marketing opportunity for years?  Anyway, 26 hours and 135 miles later we drop anchor and check into Martinique.  The anchorage is really rough and dinghy landing not very friendly so on Thursday morning we move anchorage to Anse Matin where we anchored the very first time we visited Martinique, it is still as lovely as ever.
m_IMG_0268 - Copy m_IMG_0287 m_IMG_0265 m_IMG_0270 - Copy m_IMG_0280 m_IMG_0291
m_IMG_0292 m_IMG_0302 And so after a brief 3 day visit we raise our anchor and set sail for Montserrat which has a very exposed anchorage where we hope we will be able to anchor, this will be a new Island for us. x