Why we are still in Trinidad

Fri 3 Jan 2014 23:46
When I arrived back in Trinidad back in September it was our plan to get QS stocked up, sails repaired, any work needed done and then head South down to Guyana maybe staying there for Christmas and the New Year where Maris would join us.  After that we would head North for Antigua to meet with Hayley & Phil (my niece and her husband
Things were going well, until we decided that since it had been over three years since Chris had had a medical and I had one or two minor problems we booked into the St Claire Medical Centre for checks.  Well that is the beginning of a long saga....  Chris had a couple of problems which we have managed to have sorted and all is well there, I however, had to have all kinds of tests and ended up being treated for the H Pylori virus, (the drugs were worse than the symptoms) Plus after a bad reaction to the iodine used in the CT scan (my diagnosis not theirs), I am now being treated for what they think could be ulcers, and on Monday 6th January I will hopefully find out exactly what the problems are as I am to have a day of investigations.  So the Malaria pills have been put on ice for the time being, Maris came to Trinidad for Christmas and New Year and we are hopeful that after Monday we may be able to start making some fresh plans. 
During all this I heard from Hayley to say that they will not be able to make the Antigua trip, I am very very sad about this but understand completely and just want to say how proud I am of them both for what they are undertaking in this New Year.
We have had the house survey done on Foresters Cottage and when everyone gets back to work we will put it with an estate agent and hope for a quick sale, although I think with the weather that Scotland is experiencing there will not be many viewers until Spring...... x