12.27.42N 061 29.35W

Sun 15 Jun 2014 20:57
Here in Carriacou for over a week now, we left St Anne, Martinique on 2nd June and a short sail of 22 miles took us to St Lucia overnight, a longer day of 52 miles and we had an overnight in Chateau Bel Air, St Vincent met by George the boat boy.  Next day on our way South we did a ‘sausage’ drop to Karma who were anchored in Wallilabou, we had answered the call to get sausages in Martinique as they were running low!   Sail down to Canouan, one of our favourite anchorages for a couple of nights and then an exciting, blustery sail through the Tobago Cays with Sharon on the helm, a tiny patch of genoa unfurled and shallow waters through the reefs! Chris has his eye firmly on the platter!  Into Hillsborough, Carriacou to check in and do a quick shop, then we planned to sail down to Paradise Beach to anchor at ‘Off the Hook’ but too much swell when we got there so we continued around to Tyrell Bay, not one of our favourite spots but maybe less swell.  Just as we round the headland to approach the bay we caught a Barracuda and since we are now back in the land of safe Barracuda eating he made a very tasty addition to our larder, BBQ, fish pie and fish cakes.
We have had a very pleasant time with Ian and Annie, Celtic Spirit, a few social gatherings, a walk to the beach to discover ‘Off the Hook’ closed, maybe we are not meant to go there!  They invited us to join them for an evening in there ‘house sit’  and a really special night was had. 
This visit to Tyrell Bay has been good, there is somehow a different feel to the area, we discovered some new walks, made some new acquaintances and have enjoyed ‘hanging out’.  Looking to head for Grenada in the next day or two.