Tobago Cays

Wed 18 Apr 2012 18:56
Our first full day and we took to the Kayaks to take a look at the reef, there are mooring buoys for use along the edge of the reef to protect the coral.  Quite a swell coming on from the Atlantic but we hooked up the kayaks and started our snorkel....
DSCF2840        DSCF2887
JI with their ‘pumpkin’                                                          I am getting better at this the whole time
DSCF2857        DSCF2893
we couldn’t get the flash to work so the picas are a little dark, first one is a porcupine fish, looked like he was guarding the nursing shark
DSCF2894       DSCF2936   
DSCF2903        DSCF2918        
Lots of blue parrot fish, cuttlefish, in fact all kinds of reef fish, Chris and I then had a snorkel over the reef to the deeper water and body surfed back into the lagoon, one I got over the fear of ripping my insides out on the coral heads it was great fun!!  Our next snorkel site gave Chris a good opportunity to photograph the Southern Sting Ray, he even made a short video but I am not able to reproduce it here...
DSCF2926        DSCF2930