UK 2

Sat 9 May 2015 16:37
m_IMAG0094 m_IMAG0095 m_20150421_150009 A cold wet walk at Hardwick
Park with Susan, was soon forgotten after a cold but sunny trip to Hartlepool, and a fabulous day walking along the River Weir in Durham City again with Susan and this time Michael joined us as our beer drinkers guide to Durham City, notice some of the coats off in Durham, not quire sleeveless but .....
m_IMAG0135 m_IMAG0130 m_IMAG0139
Chris introduces Robin to Leffe Bier, showing he wasn’t cold all of the time! m_IMG_0609 A lot of time is spent eating and drinking, m_20150412_161646 m_IMG_0612 m_IMG_0535 
m_IMAG0118  m_IMG_0616  m_IMG_0611 And storing up happy memories of our wonderful family.