Rain, Rain and more Rain

Fri 8 Jul 2011 19:38
Just in case you all run away with the idea it is always sunny here in Grenada, I thought you might like to see some ‘summer weather’ Since the beginning of June the weather has still been hot and sunny for the most part but we expect some rain at least once a day and when it rains it really pours, Usually following the most magnificent thunder and lightening display which we have yet to capture on film...... it is good for our water supply we filled two tanks and have water to spare after the last six hours downpour. (Just think Raymond Aunty A would have no reason to not have her drive pressure washed all this water and for free.......)  
Tonight we are going to a South African wine and sausage tasting followed by a Bbq, so we are praying the rain will have eased!  Hope you all have a good weekend  xxx                             
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