30th April 2012

Tue 1 May 2012 00:48
Time to say goodbye to Grenada, we have had a good couple of weeks lots of socials, I even managed a visit to the Mount Airie young readers on Saturday which is always a good morning for me.  Not all play, we have managed to scrub the hull weed free, Chris scrubbed and scraped the keel, rudder and propeller we should have increased our speed by a couple of knots!   Having said goodbye, and see you later to friends, we now have an overnight sail to Trinidad, our plan being to leave the mooring ball at 10.00 pm we should, with good winds and tide arrive in Chagauramus around midday tomorrow.  We have our haul out booked for the 3rd which will give us time to remove sails and prepare QS for the lift.  x