14:28.7N 061:04.86W

Mon 16 May 2011 13:19
Sunday 15th May
A bit of swell on the anchorage and a bit further South than our last visit but we have seen and heard the most spectacular thunder and lightning storms, lighting up the whole of the horizon and thunder rattling all around the bay.  No rain and no easing of the humidity.  While sitting at anchor in St Pierre we met with Steve and Cindy, (apologies cannot remember full boat name something bird), Chris was able to help diagnose their engine problem) and since the forecasted Easterlies have not arrived we decide to move and go in convoy with them in case they have any further problems, as sailing in no wind is not an option and they have an appointment with the engineer Monday morning.  We leave them at Case Pilote and continue looking at various anchorages and finally decide on Anse Chaudiere which is on the Southeastern corner of Anse Dâarlet, bottom end of Martinique.  Beautiful spot looking at caves in green water at sea level and up into jungle vegetation ahead of us, a good spot for when the winds do come to set sail for Bequia. 
Monday 16th May
What a night!  No thunder but tropical rain squalls which soaked everything, especially Chris who had found it to hot to sleep below and had moved into the cockpit, however this morning it has broken the humidity and there is the promise of some good Easterly winds.  So after snorkeling around the caves and a tidy around we could be heading South again.  xx