14.04.94N 060.57.62W

Thu 14 Feb 2013 12:00
So much for plans!  We left Bequia as we thought and headed to Blue Lagoon on St Vincent where the entry I only good at full tide for our keel depth of 6ft 6in’s, so Michael is sent out to guide us over the entry reef!  A bit nerve racking a the depth gauge read 0 at one point!
We provided the Barracuda for dinner this night!  Robin & Cheryl’s first eating of Barracuda and they didn’t die!
Two night in Blue Lagoon, a trip to Kingstown which is the capitol of St Vincent and we are on our way to Chateaubelair as the last stop where we will check out.  An interesting sail with wind, no wind. light wind, but no rain or snow and Chateaubelair is so different from Kingstown or even Bequia, very quiet, and undiscovered by the tourists (as yet!)  They are trying to open the waterfall and beautiful scenery for the tourist trade but so is every island in the Caribbean and there is only so many dollars to go around!  We liked the place.                                                      !  DSCF1715DSCF4023DSCF4014
DSCF1769River crossing a we visited one of the waterfalls
DSCF4016Sharon & Robin doing the paperwork to leave St Vincent..... on our way to Martinique...
Then we get the information that Sunshine II and Moondance have had some problems and have put into St Lucia, well they are hosting a Mardi Gras party on Tuesday 12th, they call it Fat Tuesday we call it Shrove Tuesday but whatever it is called we never miss a party! So here we are in St Lucia where our “Caribbean Adventure” started on the 21st December 2010.