Return to Trinidad

Sat 14 Jan 2017 22:50

 Wind and cloud patterns heading West from Tyrell Bay  A quiet Anchorage,  Chris is ready to leave and mams fruit cake in preparation for the trip.    Leaving the coast of Grenada at sunset.

So as the winds come lightly out of the East at noon on the 24th September, Skipper is ready, food is ready and so we pick up our anchor and say goodbye to Tyrell Bay and set our course for Chagauramus.   Sailing down the East Coast of Grenada, the sun sets as we leave the coast and our course takes us East of the oil platforms, this is a safety route as sailboats have encountered problems with Venezuelan boats.  Twenty-two hours and 120 miles we drop anchor at Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association, we are back in Trinidad.


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