Mon 22 Aug 2011 19:14
One of the things I gave been doing while here in Grenada is volunteering on a Saturday morning helping with extra reading/writing and communication/confidence skills with a group in Mt Airey.  Education levels are pretty poor here in parts of the Island and a local lady decided with the help of the cruising community there was the opportunity to help some of the kids who want/need it.  It is held in the Mt Airey ‘Community Centre’, one room with a service bar at one end the lady who runs it has just got funding to build a room on top and are hopeful to open a designated school room with computers and reading library which can be open to all the children in the area.  There is usually 6 – 12 cruisers and upwards of thirty children ages from 4 to 16, most of them just need extra tuition to get them through there entrance exam into the secondary school system, some of the older ones need extra skills to help them through the work load they have at school. (Some of the younger ones I feel are purely a baby sitting exercise) It is all religion based which is a bit tedious but it is a lot of fun and the children are so well behaved and polite.  We ended the school term with a party and the new term begins 10th September.
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