Mon 1 Apr 2013 14:17
Well, we have had QS apart back down to the bilges to trace the water ingress and have come to the following conclusion:
We were taking some big waves over the deck and this was getting into the forward heads (toilet) compartment through the hatch which wasn’t closed properly, this was running through the locker and down the back of the locker into the bilge.  We have put QS back together and have as of yet not put the theory to the test, I will be much more careful in the closing of hatches in the future! 
We are enjoying a leisurely time here having moved up the coast first to Jolly Harbour then onto Deep Harbour where we are now, this bay is excellent it has all we need, a wreck to dive on (when my sinus’s clear up) a Fort at the top of the hill and a golden beach, it is a 3 nautical mile walk into St John’s which we did on Good Friday only to discover that nothing and I mean nothing was open!  We will shift around to the Harbour Tuesday morning and go ashore so that JI can solve their insurance dilemma, try and sort out the Digicell Dongle problem and then if and only if the winds are in the right direction we shall head around the North Coast and onto Barbuda for a few day before we return to Falmouth on the 18th April for the Classic Yacht regatta and then ‘race week’ will upon us. x