14.44N 061.10W

Fri 13 May 2011 16:10
As you know our plans can be quite changeable and with the forecast looking to send the wind round to the South with a front coming in we decided Tuesday evening to head as far South as we could get and then wait and see.  We do a 3 hour on 3 hour off watch system which is long enough fro Chris to set the sails and then if all remains as it should I donât have a lot to do but .... enough said I am learning about sail trimming quickly, not saying I am good at it but willing to learn!  A fairly uneventful night but the front came in quite fast and we had no winds for a while and now have southerlies which is on the nose for our planned trip!  I remember being told the trades blew steady North Easterly 15 â 25 knots steady the whole time?  Do not know what happened to them....
We are now in St Pierre, Martinique and looking at Sat or Sun Easterly wind which will set us in the right direction so will set of on the next leg (legs) xx