Christmas in Trinidad 2

Mon 13 Jan 2014 21:31
Asa Wright with Maris and Martin (Nanshe), although Chris and I had done this trip not that long ago it was well worth a second visit, especially since the oil spills in Trinidad over the Christmas period are threatening the Mangrove swamps and therefore the crabs which the Scarlet Ibis feed on, it may not be as spectacular a scene in months to come.
m_100_2834   m_DSCF3056   m_100_2844  m_100_2848      m_100_2864  m_100_2866  m_100_2869m_100_2874  m_100_2876  m_DSCF3085  m_DSCF3087 The balcony feeders keep the humming birds and honeycreepers well fed and in abundance, the fresh fruit and bread help encourage the Agouti and the Tegu Lizard to come and feed.  Oriole nests and Leaf Ant nests all part of the bio diversity of life in the Asa Wright, followed by Caroni Swamp
Caimen, Blue Heron and Tree Snakes all add interest to the trip through the mangrove to see the Scarlet Ibis. 
As an end to the day Derrick took us on a tour tour of a couple of the more spectacular Christmas House Lights on our way home, the only thing missing was we couldn’t get any ice cream!
m_100_2982  m_100_2992  m_100_2995