St Laurent finally

Fri 14 Nov 2014 16:51
And so the rally ended on the 14th October and participants went on their separate journeys heading back for Trinidad/Tobago and we were still there along with Magic Swan when on Saturday 25th October, after a flight to Trinidad, flight onto Suriname, overnight in Paramaribo, water taxi and Gendarme escort to the anchorage, Maris joined us on board Quicksilver. 
m_S0010059 Maris’s river transport. m_DSCF0067Did I say we were anchored behind the wreck of the Edith Cavell, 1898 – 1924, she was en route from Marseille to Fort de France with general cargo.  After further exploration of St Laurent we took the dinghy on a trip up the river and into a creek, then visited the Leper Island Papillon wrote about in his book, didn’t recognise any of it but a nice day if hot.
m_DSCN1160 m_DSCN1165 m_DSCN1179 m_DSCF0084 m_DSCF0087 m_DSCF0088 and following that adventure we took Quicksilver into Crique aux Boeufs Lamentins (Creek of the Manatee) and circled the 15 miles exiting at Crique Vaches, heard lots of birds saw butterflies but no Manatee ...                                                                                                                                                                m_DSCF0109 m_DSCF0085  m_DSCF0083 m_DSCF0108  m_DSCF0113 m_DSCF0114 
After a final visit to a woefully inadequate waterfall and a shop at the supermarket we say goodbye to Fred, Claude and St Laurent and head once again for Guyana.
m_DSCF0103 m_IMG_0625 m_DSCF0079