12.35.79N 061.24.91W

Thu 8 Mar 2012 18:33
With Just Imagine on the 2nd March we have mainly Easterly winds so we set of for Clifton Bay, Union Island which is 8 miles North East of Carriacou in the St Vincent and Grenadines.  We had a full main and half a gib with 18 knots of wind and a 2 metre swell, the sailing was hard to the wind and once out of the lee of Carriacou we were fighting against the tide as well but a good sail and picked up a mooring ball in Clifton and then walked to the Airport to check in.  70EC$ for a months cruising pass, with a 1EC$ charge for the form we had to fill in (?) as opposed to 75EC$ in Grenada.  Having moved from Clifton to Chatham Bay for more protection from the wind and swell we discover we have no communications signals so we are going to walk up the mountain (hill) behind us and probably down into Ashton to try and send these posts.   Just hoping the winds ease off give us a little South and we can begin to explore the Tobago Cays and Islands of Mustique, Mayreua, Canouan and then Bequia.