More BV & USVI's

Sun 15 Jun 2014 20:56
Pat and Ernie, all it took was for one very pretty American girl who was taking a photograph of us to tell Chris to ‘smile’, for the camera and he has been doing so ever since!
m_100_3549[1] m_100_3595[1] Susan & Andrew, Patrick and Patrice enjoying a final Roti with us before they leave to start the Atlantic Crossing on the return leg to Europe.   m_100_3615[1] Relaxing while Graham cooks up the BBQ.
m_IMG_20140501_062423[1] m_100_3607[1] m_IMG_20140422_070325[1] Shopping is such thirsty work!  Painkillers at Saba Rock, Graham really looks ready for one!
m_100_3645 m_100_3644