Thu 5 Apr 2012 12:26
The seven square miles of Bequia demand to be explored and we do this on foot, our first exploration led us across the Island to the Old Hegg Turtle sanctuary Orton is now 73 years old and has released over 900 hundred hatchlings back to the ocean and is still campaigning to have a the turtle made a protected species in Bequia as they are in many of the islands.
DSCF2717      DSCF2719
Port Elizabeth from shore side.
DSCF2725      DSCF2728
Albino Turtle at the sanctuary
DSCF2734      DSCF2736
An exhausting walk requires a rest before the consumption of “refreshments”
Every Island has a ‘fort’ which usually consists of one cannon but must be visited...
DSCF2764      DSCF2767
Coconuts to be collected and local dogs to be walked.........
DSCF2763      DSCF2772
The ‘chaps’ are learning how the locals catch there ‘bait fish’
DSCF2769      DSCF2782