12.20.58N 061.34.987W

Wed 18 Apr 2012 20:08
Wednesday morning bright and early we put up Genoa and head for the 9 mile trip to Hillsborough, Carriacou where we check into Grenada....  up anchor again and head for Isle de Rhonde were we hope to spend a couple of nights.  We were last here with Maris and Ali in December, while here seeing the Satellite Shower.  The weather turned nasty as we approached the anchorage and the last hour was spent motoring slowly with a handkerchief of sail while a line squall passed over us, visibility was not brilliant while the rain lashed down, quite eerie as the force of the rain flattens the waves and everything turns grey.....
DSCF3029  The view about 5 minutes before the squall hit!
We now have our anchor down and the day is improving, although the anchorage is a little rolly we will stay here tonight and make decisions in view of the weather tomorrow.
The Bronzed God, (Elaine understands this one) takes a well deserved break while we look out at Grenada sitting in the background.