Clarkes Court Bay

Wed 22 Jun 2011 20:04
On Saturday 28th we moved a half mile further into Clarkes Court Bay where Balu met us, the rolling of Le Phare Bleu had got too much, and we met up again with Cheryl & Robin on Just Imagine.  There are two Marinas in the bay, Clarkes Court and Whisper Cove, neither very big but both with good services and some form of entertainment every night.  Our first social engagement was the ‘Pot Luck’ at where they fire up the BBQ and you take along your meat and a dish to share with everyone, after BBQ  they had Karaoke, Cheryl is a born entertainer!  Celestine & Gary, Sol Surfin gave Ike & Tina a run for their money!
101_0080                                   101_0094
Our next trip was an tour of Grenada with a guide, Regula joined us for that, we saw nutmeg factory, Grenada produces 1/3 of the worlds nutmeg supply and they are still collected, dried and sorted by hand. 
101_0122                                              101_0125
The Rum distillery was a shock after the clinical tour of Martinique, Chris was (is) convinced it was only operating for tourists, it was more like an illegal still, it did not stop him buying a bottle of the product!
101_0156                                              101_0157
These guys are feeding the raw sugar cane into the crusher wearing flip flops!
By the time we were at the Chocolate Factory for a late lunch the camera battery had died, we did however get copies of the picture of this young man who dives from the top of the waterfall into the pool underneath for a living, he will do if if you offer him 5 Eastern Caribbean Dollars, the equivalent of 1.50 only two of us off the bus of 10 paid him.
IMG_7603                        IMG_7597