Random thoughts on Trinidad

Sun 16 Dec 2012 21:07
Why when working on the boat do I end up ‘wearing’ more of the rein and paint than goes on the hull?  And why when I can walk under the boat with out a problem normally do I stick my hair to the bottom when the resin is wet???
Not long after I had arrived back from the UK I was climbing backwards down the ladder of QS to be met at the bottom by one of the boatyard contractors, who introduced himself and then handed me the most original chat up line I have heard, “You are my type of woman, I like my women big, these skinny women do nothing form me at all” This from a Roland Rat look alike!
When we visited the Queens Park Oval for the 50th Independence Celebration I at next to a charming nine year old girl who chatted quite the thing, telling all about the history of Trinidad & Tobago, her family life, how she wanted to be a doctor and at school was called a geek because she liked to study.  What really left me lost for words was when she told chatted about her family and how her mother was “very young, she is only 25 and I am 9 and she is going to have another baby soon”  I should have been prepared, after a pause and a very searching look her words left me speechless. “your mother must be very old”.  Sorry mam x