N12:27.387 W061:29.224

Fri 20 May 2011 16:46
Thursday 18th May 3pm and we have just arrived at Carriacou, a small island in the Grenada Chain.  We left Martinique morning of 17th started with excellent sailing heading down to St Lucia, we then had some really heavy rain squalls, which set the weather pattern for the next 30 hours.  Our first stop was in Hillsborough where we checked in with Customs, the town is very similar to Portsmouth on Dominica but a lot cleaner, we spent the night in the harbour and then moved around to Tyrell Bay which is a little less rolly anchorage.  The Easterlies which we were looking for to get us down here have finally arrived with a vengeance!  We will be here over the weekend and then move onto Grenada.
We have excellent wi-fi coverage here on the boat thanks to making a donation to the Schools Charity on Carriacou which helps with uniforms and school costs for underprivileged children on the island, so am trying to catch up with everything that needs doing!!
On the way, between St Lucia and St Vincent here we had a very bedraggled bird join us, it perched on the pulpit and spent an hour preening and then the rest of the night sleeping, until I misjudged a wind change and did a 360 which un-perched him and he decided not to return but head back to land, hope he made it.  We also saw Whaleâs tail slapping the water, lasted about five minutes or more tail shape indicates pilot whales but difficult to tell.
I have to admit to thinking I had found a new species of Tern, first spotted in Anguilla and now here again in Carriacou, looks like a small tern but it has turquoise feathers...  took a few seconds to register that it is the reflection of the water and there is no need to contact National Geographic. xx