Still in Trinidad 3

Fri 3 Jan 2014 23:44
A morning at the Asa Wright nature reserve where we took a guided rainforest walk which was fascinating, with ants, spiders and snakes, then onto the balcony to watch the bird life which was magnificent.
m_100_2588   m_100_2639m_100_2649
m_IMG_6838   m_100_2612  m_IMG_6924
Then onto Maracas Beach where they say the best Bake ‘n’ Shark in the whole of Trinidad is served, the weather did a typical rainy season downpour while at the beach but the shark & bake was good...
m_100_2652And a trip to the Mount St Benedict Monastery.m_IMG_6764m_IMG_6772 m_IMG_6785 m_IMG_6791