12:48.969N 061:23.306W

Sun 21 Jun 2015 21:16
Canouan, part of the Grenadine Islands and one of our favourite anchorages! 
We departed Marigot Bay in the afternoon of the 16th and having a four night/three day sail, which was not a bad trip, but we were making 30 degrees of drift due to the current, so slow headway, combined with some big swells and chop making a slightly damp, salty sail we decided to put into Canouan on Saturday morning after 355 miles and 76 hours.   So here we are, having washed off the salt and Sahara Dust from Quicksilver, a couple of hours sleep and drinking Earl Grey tea talking of the previous visits, we rarely go ashore, just sit in the corner of the bay do a little snorkelling and enjoy the peace along with the odd rum punch.  We shall be here at least until Wednesday, before we head to Trinidad, the forecast for the next couple of days is dire with a tropical wave coming through bringing a mega amount of rain, and too much South in the wind, we have had very little to no rain in St Martin but the Southern part of the Caribbean seem to have had wave after wave come through.  I suppose it is the rainy season, and at least it is warm. 
Sunday morning started bright and sunny, but by late afternoon the wet is with us...
m_IMG_0646 m_IMG_0648 m_IMG_0650 so out with the chess board where Chris will beat me again and again and again .......x